Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's been a while since my last post , But , I have been busy taking care of my girl Ciejay. It seems that the meds they gave her from her last stay at the hospital were to strong for her little stomach, and it ate a small hole in her intestines, and caused her to loose a lot of blood and all her energy just up and left her. It was time for her normal check-up at the hospital , and when the Dr. saw her he said "you aren't going anywhere but here for a few days till we find out whats wrong and get you fixed up" . Well they didn't have a private room available at the time so off to the ward we go . Now a hospital ward in Thailand is not like a ward in any other country , folks are put in a bed if they have one and are rolled into any space they can find to put them sometimes over 100 folks in a small ward and 4 or 5 nurses to take care of them , this is where the Thai family comes in to play, a family member or several members will bring a mat and stay in the space with them (sleeping and sitting where ever they can , sometimes under the sick persons bed ) to take care of all their needs , feeding , washing , trips to bathroom , changing the bed cloths and emptying the bedpans when needed and anything else that is not of an emergency need, the nurses are there to check temp, hook up meds and dispense pills , all the important stuff. SOOO there we were for 3 days and 2 nights and I did my duty as Ciejay's private nurse and family member,the other folks showed me how and where everything was and how to do , they were all sooo gracious and genuine concerned that I could do what was necessary., I will forever remember the time there and the wonderful folks who helped me be a nurse for a day or two.Then a private room opened up and we were off to the 9th floor or the Pent House and VIP rooms ( and the room with a view), I would have stayed in the ward, BUT, the mosquitoes ate me and Ciejay up at night and I could not sleep in the bench that was there and it was soooo hot I almost screamed sometimes ( now I'm complaining ).  So I was glad to pay for the private room and be able to sleep and not be eaten alive at night by the mosquitoes and did I say that it was air- condition , private bath , Cable TV and a frig and a small bed for me to sleep on , and for our 7 day stay there the private room was all we had to pay , all the meds , the blood and all the other IVs they gave her the private nurses and all the wonderful care and the room was $20.oo a day American money  and they gave us the last day for free. And to top it all off the room had a view .
The view from our room
this is the right side view
this is the left side view
extreme left
Ciejay's brother came for a visit and made her happy
Ciejay in her bed in the private room
the door into our room
 the hall-way in the ward where Ciejay was  about 6 beds down
Ciejay in the ward
I am happy to report that they got the hole closed up and with the bags of blood and other stuff they they were pumping into her , Ciejay is home and doing great.She(reluctantly), rested easy for a couple days and now back at her normal pace , Me ,,,,,I have learned how to notice when she needs help and I jump right in and do things that I had not thought of doing before , I guess my nights in the ward taught me a few things and I am sooo glad she is doing good and glad to have her home , after all she's my whole life.                Malcolm


Anonymous said...

Prayers for Ceijay's continued health. I hope you are both blessed with many many years.

Martyn said...

Malcolm best wishes to Ciejay and I'm happy to read she's on the road to recovery. A room with a view is great but hopefully she won't be needing it again.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It seems like your life’s been a little too exciting recently….. But I’m pleased to read that you seem to be coping so well, and I’m (we’re) delighted that Ciejay is making an excellent recovery.

Very best wishes, Boonie and Mrs S

Sevenwinds said...

Well wishes to Ceijay for a quick recovery and good health and compliments for the great dedication you provided during the ordeal.

LindyLouMac said...

A little late calling by to read this post as we have been away. I hope therefore that by now Ceijay is well on the road to a full recovery.

Snap said...

Malcolm, what a worry it must have been for you. I'm so happy Ceijay is on the mend...and nice to hear you've found your nursing capabiliets ;) something any wife would be happy about.

Ann Burgess said...

Hi Malc CJ, Happy to know CJ is ok now. I will keep her in my prayers, you two just seems to be made for each other, most people doesn't find it.I liked the part that you jump in and help her, but you were always sweet.
love to you and CJ
Auntie Ann

Lawrence said...

So glad to hear that Ciejay is back home and much better now, Malcolm. Good to hear how you were improved by the stay in hospital, too. A lesson for us all, I think.