Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Peddler Cometh

Never before have I lived in a place where folks sold so many things  in front of their homes shops, also a lot of them take their wears on the road, and drive up and down the streets and by-ways peddling their wears.I love it and many times it saves me a trip to the market . It brings back childhood memories when my Uncle Oren use to talk his produce and put in  the back of his pick-up and take it to sell in the Big City of Union S.C., and in the streets and at the market place, and us kids would ride along with him, and go door to door and tell the people that the produce man was here , and we got to eat all the apples we wanted, what a side benefit that was for us kids that normally only got apples at Christmas in our stockings or when we could grab one off the neighbors tree on the way home from school.  I remember those days well.  I remember that later my Uncle Oren was the Watkins man and he sold all kinds of house wears and supplies. I remember my Mother buying from him plates and stuff and I can really remember the vanilla flavoring he sold , was in a big brown bottle , wow how these memories popped into my head ,when the peddler man came by . Do you have memories of the peddlers coming thru your neighborhoods , or do you still have a few that pass your way???
I took a few pictures of the Peddler Man and his truck , and you can see Sabu checking them out , hope you enjoy the pictures .


Harold said...

During the "good 'ole days" of my childhood, door-to-door salesmen [invariably men] sold brushes, vacuum cleaners, pots & pans, clocks, insurance(?), encyclopedias, and other items.

These salesmen showed up on foot, with a suitcase of samples [or somehow toting the vacuum cleaner].

Nowadays, almost nothing is sold door-to-door, at least in our area of the USA.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Those orchids look very nice.

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Harold, thanks for the read and comment, The door to door peddlers here in Thailand are a everyday event , and thet come with their pick-ups loaded , when we first started rebuilding our house we bought all the mattress for the bedrooms from a traveling pick-up loaded with all sizes , saved me a trip to the store and we're still using them.

martyn said...

Malcolm I'm always taking pictures of the pedlars who stop at our village home. It's amazing how many different things they sell and how much they can get on their carts. I love the colourful brooms and brushes. How would villagers survive without the 'pots and pan' man passing through every once and a while. The community would fall apart without them.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

How great to be able to shop without leaving home but outside the door not on the internet. :)

Mike Principato said...

I remember when I was a kid a guy would come around with a truck selling fruits and vegetables. Another guy would come around with a big grinding wheel and sharpen knives and scissors. The best one was the truck with a whip ride on it. Aaahh, the good old days.