Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fishing Lures and My friend Jerry

My friend Jerry has another hobby and this one is making handmade fishing plugs and lures , and when I say hand made ,I mean it . He starts by going up to the mountain behind our house and cuts bamboo to take home and saw into small pieces to start the tedious work of hand carving each lure , he uses the Internet sites of the lure company's to get his ideas and templates and carves and paints and puts the hooks and snaps for the line and all done by hand and a saw blade , a pocket knife, and sand paper and steel wool. He has a few finished and they look great and when Ciejay and Me make our trip to Alaska this fall I'm taking a couple with me to try out in the famous Kenai River on the Silver Salmon , I'll let you know how they work out . Jerry says it's a hobby and that he doesn't plan on selling them , but I'm sure a few will hang on my wall as a piece of art work. I snapped a few pictures so you could see them for youeselves , what do you think ???


Anonymous said...

A man of many talents indeed. Though after seeing and sitting in Jerry's samlor I don't doubt the workmanship for an instant....Kris

Alaska Dave said...

Silver salmon (called Cohos in the lower 48) LOVE spinners. The plugs you like so much might work but I've been salmon fishing in Alaska for many years and a #3 or #4 Vibrax spinner in an assortment of body colors will catch a ton of fish.

Salmon eggs and herring work well too but I love to fish silvers with light spinning tackle. Probably one of the best fighting fish in the world. And one of the tastiest.

When you hit the Kenai, most people will be fishing for red salmon, or Sockeye. Those guys require a completely different technique as they do not strike spinners the same way as kings (Chinook) or silvers. The locals will soon set you straight on how to fish them.

Alaska is a fantastic place, literally a paradise on earth. Enjoy it while you can.

Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Thanks Dave for the info, use to live on the Kenai and fished when I could , I'm sure things are a lot different now , my friend Wayne is a real fishmerman and he will be showing me the ropes so to speak , I sure hope I can hook up with a silver and a King would thrill me to no end but even a ole hummpy a running and jumping would excite me now fish is a dud here in Thailand , unless you pay big money and then it's catch and release, hope to have lots of fun. thanks for the read and comment .

Alaska Dave said...


I read your post but in my haste to comment had forgotten that you used to live in Alaska. The joke's on me! I apologize for trying to explain to you what a chinook and a sockeye are. LOL

Let me add my thanks for your comments on my blog.

Martyn said...

Malcolm - Making the fish lures must take hours of painstaking work but the end product is fantastic. Jerry has a lot of talent in those hands of his. They certainly would make lovely wall decorations.

Alaska..sounds a lot colder than where you are now.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

He must be extremely patient to make those, lovely.

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Danish Smith said...

Handmade fishing plugs and lures is good but can you try Led Lures ever? if not so try first you like it ...!!