Friday, March 20, 2009

National Maritime Museum of Chanthaburi

On one of our recent week-in trips we visited the city of Chantaburi on the way to Pattaya. We were told there was a nice museum off the beaten path towards the river , so off we went in search of this museum.Well after driving thru several small villages and up a curvy road we found it. We were not disappointed at all as not only was there a museum, but we had also found Fort Nuenwong , the fort and wall and canons used by King Rama 111 to fight off the Burmese troops invading Thailand ,in ships coming down the river. The fort is located on the bank high above the river,making it was a ideal place to fight them off and sink their ships as the made their way up the river.The National Maritime Musuem is the first and only museum to house thousands of undersea artifacts,located on 3,500 square meters situated within Khai Nuenwong,it is a twin building with six floors. It houses, art and artifact and models and actual collectables dealing with sea life of the local villagers.It has what I believe to be some of the finest displays of model ships and maritime articles I have seen in Thailand.

It's off the beaten path and not so easy to find , ask around and I'm sure you will be glad you took the little side trip to the Fort and museum. Hope you enjoy something a little different ,not just temples all the time , I know I did . Malcolm


Brunty said...

Malcom that is the most fun part of Thailand, getting off the main road and onto some old beaten tracks.

It looked like a pretty interesting place. I had never heard of it and now thanks to you will have to do some research about this place.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm nice find. I agree with Brunty half the fun here is going down side roads!

Not a place I have heard of but there are so many I have yet to discover.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A fine portfolio of pictures displying your find Malcolm. I'm sure many other will see what you have written and follow suit. It'sgGood that you can get around and tour a bit looks like the country has so much to offer in all circles of living. We've just had another bout of snow here but your post has warmed us up a bit.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

I must admit wars and stuff aren't really my scene but admiring well taken photos are. Who is the portrait of the man with the moustache and hat on, he looks European. On the way to Pattaya, "a girl in every port" and "ships in the night" are phrases that spring to mind.

MJ Klein said...

great information Malcom. i'd like to find that museum myself. i hope i have the time to check it out.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Thanks for all the great commentss , I have found that many wonderful things to see in LOS is located in places very few kolks ever go and the tour buses are so big and in such a hurry ,that they leave out a lot of interesting places.
Martyn the man in the pictures is King Taksin the Great , defender of Thailand against the and the defeat of the Burmese at Ayyttaya , afterward he appointed himself King of Thailand and ruled for years.He is in the hall of fame in the musuem, there is so much to see there , that you can spend a whole day , don't be in a hurry and buy food to take with you for a long stay .
The staff were some of the friendlist folks I have meet at any place I have visited .
A MUST SEE ,and the kids will love all the ship models and dolls and such. Malcolm