Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I was taking a ride in the country yesterday ,looking for a couple of wild flowers to plant in a little area I have set aside for wild flowers in the back of the house, and came across this coral in front of and beside a couple of houses. I could smell it before I could see it, and now I am more gratful than ever ,that neither of my neighbors are into being cowboys. I think the folks must start each day with a prayer to Budda that the wind blows toward the neighbors house .
Looked around for the gunslingers and cowboys, seeing none I suppose that all is peaceful in Cow Town. If you have seen the movie" Gunfight at O K Coral" you will know what I mean. Malcolm


Anonymous said...

Malcolm the local cows live over my garden wall and often come for a banana but fortunately they don't smell too much!

Mind you the young bull has really bad breath!

Hoo Don said...

Love the photo, a real western style stand off. I have never seen this ownership of two or three cows as very profitable work in Thailand yet so many villagers seem to own a few cows. The rare villagers that have 20 - 30 cattle then yes I can see that regular offspring can bring in some reward for simple village folk. But small holdings such as in your photo hardly seem worth the effort put in.

Anonymous said...

Strange the word cowboy, a paradox, surely it shoud be bullboy!

The wild East eh! those gunslingers had better watch out as a real Westerner is about - That's you Malcolm.

Love the scene you captured, just needs some Cherokee Indians to liven things up a bit in true Hollywood style.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Really , I love all the thing that Thailand has to offer us expats , you know at home in the USA if I wanted to see a cow or take the kids or grand-kids to visit a farm where there were cows, I would have to drive a long way just to get to see one , here I just lay in the hammock and follow my nose till I see them walk by, and I love it .
Martyn I know that if they were to be selling them by the lb, they for sure wouldn't make much , Thai cows are the skinnest thing I have ever seen .
Martin, how did you know that I was 1/4 Cherokee Indian, my great-grandmother was full blooded and my great-great grand-mother walked the TRAIL of TEARS a good google search if you have never heard of it . malcolm