Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wow thats a long and winding road
And this is where it brings me
With week-ins getting soooo busy and cooler weather on it's way which will mean more week-in trips , I thought a good Sunday post would be to bring back a post from the past . If I do say ,so I enjoy reading them again and also it keeps the little stories from getting lost in time .
I hope you enjoy a trip back in time from Retired In Thailand and Loving It. Malcolm
One year ago today I posted this story and It was brought to my mind tonight as I watched the news on tv and thought you know what "WE ARE ALL BROTHERS" When will we start to act like it . Pray for peace in Thailand .
Me and Ciejay were going to Nam Tok to do a little shopping ,when I saw this slow moving object out my truck window , there was a lot of traffic so I only got a quick glimpse of a ,I was sure very old man pushing a bicycle up a long hill very slowly.For some reason ( I had not thought of that song for years)in my mind popped the words to that song by the Hollies in 1969 and then recorded by Neil Dimond later and a big hit and still loved today . "He Ain't Heavy , He's My Brother." If you have never heard the song you can listen on you-tube.
I did not think about him anymore as we wizzed past him and off to do our shopping , But as we were coming out of the store , here he come, slowly moving up the hill in the hot sun, and here came those words again. I said to Ciejay come help me talk , so she reluctantly she came with me .I said to him "how are you ?" , he said to Ciejay ,"I'm fine a little tired , that is a long hill , and I come every day to get plastic bottles and cans to sell" . "Do you have family "? Ciejay ask , he said "NO " all my family die , I am 87 years old and I take care of myself. Ciejay said "How You Do". He said "I have small hut and little garden ,and I sell things for some little money I need , I am ok, and this keeps me from getting lonely and feeling sorry that I am the only one left in my family. I am sabi sabi". I tried to give him some money and he would not take it , so I said ," please let me take your picture and I will pay you for your time" ,he said" you can take picture, but no money please ". I took his picture ,and he got his bike and started to leave when Ciejay said "please uncle, for me take some money" and put it in his pocket, and he pushed off . I thought to myself, I hope I am still as happy and able to push a bike when I am 87.I think I had a good day, to meet a good man , and also to remind me ,that we all be brothers in this world, no matter what color , what country , what religion , young or old ,"He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother ". Malcolm


Martyn said...

What a great song and one I remember for a sad moment in my life many years ago....mai phen rai....the song probably had a lot of significance in me eventually visiting Thailand but that's a story I'll keep locked in my heart.

Many years back when I used to regularly visit Tak I stayed in a village about 8 kilometres outside the city. Most days I would take the pick up truck bus into the city and the driver would space permitting always insist I sat in the front with him. He would regularly jam hard on the brakes jump out the bus and return with a aluminium can.

"Two kapong (cans), one baht" he would always say.

After a few years and quite a few trips to the village I became his kapong spotter on our regular trips and would often shout out "kapong" leap out the car and retrieve the can unless it looked to be in possible snake terrain, I then passed the task over to him.

Once again some great memories have been brought back to me and thanks for that. A wonderful song and a delightful post. Best wishes to you and Ciejay.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Martyn, And a great heart you have to , full of love and laghter, and lots of memories , happy and sad , but all a part of our lives. glad I jogged a memory hope it did'nt hurt to much , and what a story about those cans , PLEASE do a post about a ride . Malcolm

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Malcolm and Ciejay,
You just don't get people like that nowadays at least not in a western society. A very proud person with morals from heaven.
Selling plastic and cans from rubbish bins goes on here but most who do it don't live beyond 50 years of age and it is done with slightly different morals.
yoj're a lucky man to live alongside so many 'light' (he ain't heavy) brothers.

Tipper said...

Nice post Malcolm-I'm glad you stopped and spoke to him-I'm sure he enjoyed the small amount of company you offered and the interest you and Cie-Jay showed him. I love the line from the song.

MJ Klein said...

Malcolm, thanks for this encouraging article. it's easy for us to get caught up in our own situation and think that we have it bad. but there is always someone who has it worse off than us. thanks for this important reminder.

Hui-chen and i are leaving for Thailand this evening on business. i wish we had time to head up your way but unfortunately this is going to be a short trip.

Mike said...

Malcolm what a beautiful post.

Makes me realise how luck I am but also that my life is not half as rich as the guy you met.

Like you I hope I can still ride my bike into my 80's.

traveler said...

nice article...can't wait for more articles from you...

Brunty said...

Malcom a great post, I too have come across old people just like this. A lady who is in her 80's carries a basket filled with herbs through the streets around our area.

She sells them for 5 to 10 Baht. She grows them where she lives by herself and also picks them in different areas.

She never asks for an extra Baht and when I offered extra once she wouldn't take it.

This is a heart warming story even though a little sad, but again he is happy getting by as he is. Life is simple for some and they make the most of what they have got.

Thanks for sharing my friend.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

What a lovely post, and very nice meeting you. I visited Tipper's blog today on which you were featured on "Take Me Home Country Roads" and want to say how lovely your post was. Thoroughly enjoy your sensitibilities both in this post and on Tipper's.

My nephew made Thailand his home some years ago as he is in the merchant marines and is often stationed around Japan. He fell in love with the pace and values of the Thai people you have so caringly expressed in this post.

Again, it was so very nice meeting you! Have a wonderful day! Petra :))