Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thailand has sooooo many things that make me happy to say that "I'm Retired in Thailand and Loving It. I love all the smiles ,real, most of the times and the no stress ,laid back attitude of the Thai people (sometimes to a fault), and the weather and Whang Pho the place we call home, and the fact that my SS check goes a lot further here than in the good ole USA, and Ciejay and me can live a moderate lifestyle and enjoy our so called "golden years"BUTTT the thing I love the most is the great food , fresh veggies and fruit and the best part of all is that it doesn't cost us a arm and leg, take for instance tonight we went "OUT" for dinner at one of the many, small ,so called "restuarants , just down the road from our house (less that a 5 minute drive on the little Honda Wave 1oo, the fare was Cashew Chicken ( I always ask for NO skin) tempura battered veggis and large prawns a big helping of rice and Red Curry with Kong for the Love of my life .Ice water and Coke Zero all for 180 Baht or about $5.00 US dollars, I know for a fact that the meal would have cost at least 35 or 40 dollars at home in Oregon in a not so fancy restuarant, if you were to eat the same meal in one of the real fancy places it would easily cost you 75 Dollars and you would be expected to tip everyone that made your dining experience a pleasure add on another 15 dollars and you could eat OUT in Whang Pho for a month. I love it and thats just one of the reasons why I'm "Retired in Thailand and Loving It.

If you're ever up or down Whang Pho way stop in for a visit and I'll take you out to one of my favorite eating places, and at these prices "It's my treat". Malcolm


Mike said...

Malcolm the food looks great. You are so right about how cheap it is to eat out here-we are very lucky.

Don't know about cool weather though its up to 40C at the moment here and really humid!

Talen said...

Malcolm, You have just made me very very hungry. I can't wait to get back to Thailand and dig in to some of that fine food.

Richard said...

I'm going to take you up on that dinner offer. Looks good.

Camille said...

That is indeed one of the great treats in Thailand, especially if you know your way around some of the local eateries.

Do you still eat with your fork Malcolm or did you have the spoon in your hand together with your camera?

malcolm said...

MIKE, I have turned into a food -aholic since I moved here and have the waist -line to prove it .
Talen, It want take you long to get a few fav's too and you'll be like me "in hog haven"
Rich, come on over "soups on "
Camille, most of the time I do still eat with my fork , , you can see my fork laying on the cashew chicken platter , but when i am really hungery I have been know tio grab a shovel "oops" I mean spoon.

Anonymous said...

hey Malcolm,

how come I cannot post a comment on the post AFTER this one ??

dc_publius said...

A lot of people complain that costs have gone up in LOS in the last 10 years. But it's nice to see things in perspective like in this post. LOS has excellent availability of cheap food everywhere. Sure, a lot of developing countries have cheap food, but LOS has *delicious* cheap food.

On top of that, I love that there are so many vendors that you never have to go far, and amazingly of all, you can get food in the middle of the night even in small LOS towns.