Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If you are a often reader of my blog , you know that one tread that runs thru most of them is about food and the eating and enjoying of it. When I say finger licking good, most folks would think of KFC and their so call famous chicken . And I do have to admit that they do a fair job , not quite like my Mama's pan friend chicken when we lived in the south in the USA.

As most of my readers know I was a preacher and local pastor for many years and a church tradition , is to have the pastor over for dinner after Sunday church services , and I want to tell you that most of the time it was chicken and more chicken, sooo after all that chicken eating I have done in my life,I think of myself as a living chicken eating expert , and when I eat chicken I can't help but start to compare it in my mind and with my taste buds to other chicken dinners that I have had the pleasure to enjoy in my lifetime.I am always on the look-out for good chicken , not just your ordinary run of the mill , fried in grease chicken that you find all over the place and every market here in the LOS. Well not to long ago , when driving home from Kanchanaburi , after a shopping day at Tesco Lotus and starting to get hungery ,I saw all these cars stopped along side of the road at a little stand that was selling chicken , I could,nt believe all the folks buying chicken at this stand , I've had chicken from other simular chicken stands ( I reconized the signs) and had bought chicken at several of them, but none seen to be consistencely, tastey, well I thought I'd give this place a try and sure enough just like all the other folks I was delighted with the taste and consistency of good quality and superb chicken, they have quite a selection for you to chose fronm , original and pepper, ,half or whole and they have a small, rolled ,smoked, chicken breast ( only 49 baht) that I really like that is very much like the deli sliced chicken breast I use to buy in America, to make my famous , chicken deli delight sandwich ,served with a slice of stienfieds dill pickle and a huge helping of my famous (yes famous ) southern cole slaw and if you like a small bowl of van-kamp pork and beans (chilled) on the side.If you like good cole -slaw , you can twist my arm and I'll give up the family secret.

The little stand I found is a francise I think of a BKK company called 5 Star , I 've tried a few of them , but keep going back to this one for consistency and now that they know me , I'm always served up a great smile too, and that goes a long way with me , theres nothing like service with a smile . Have you tried the chicken at one of these little ,5 Star stands that seem to be popping up now every where you look ??? All I have to say is " IT'S FINGER LICKING GOOD" Malcolm (aka chicken man)


Anonymous said...

Yo Chicken Man - i love the fried chicken in front of Pantip Plaza. Try it if you are ever in Bangkok.

Brunty said...

Malcom they are popular here in Ubon too, a few of these stands have been about the place for a few years now.

The chicken is good, and worth the few extra baht compared to the road side sellers.

We often get half a chicken or a full chook and cook up some fresh vegetables to go with it. A good meal.

My mouth watered when you mentioned your mum's chicken from the South. I have never had Southern chicken but read many good things about this famed meal.

Martyn said...

Malcolm near Wi's village is a small town called Sang Khom and last year one of these chicken stalls appeared and was doing a good trade. I was pleased and used it a couple of times and it was quite good. On my next trip it was still there but vacated and Wilai said the man didn't come any more because trade had dried up, the rural folk liked it but there was cheaper value elsewhere. I know Wang Pho is a far bigger place and I hope your stall survives.

Mike said...

Hi Malcolm just been into Prachuap and came home with some chicken from the same outfit. Smoked rolled breast (chicken I mean) and sticky rice!

Right outside Tesco too!

Talen said...

I love me some chicken and there is nothing better than Southern style chicken.

I have been wanting to start a chicken stand in Mukdahan for some time but the family keeps objecting to me killing all the roosters that wake me up!

*lynne* said...

Hi Chicken Man! I've not been visiting for a while - the two moves in 2 months really wreaked havoc on my blog reading/visiting, my apologies. I'd love to try some of this chicken that meets with your approval :) I've not had it for a while, but I love the BBQ chicken from a place about 1.5hrs away from where I am now... will be heading over there one of these days to enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth chicken combined with scald-your-tongue hot BBQ sauce :D

Glad you're feeling better!


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