Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Having fun ,is a understatement, I have been writing my blog now, for one year to date and I all I have to say that "I love it" .I never ever thought of myself as a writer, and maybe you have never thought of me as a writer either , but as I plug along and words spring( and sometimes slip) from my mind to my two fingers that I use to hunt and peck with ,on the keyboard , I am amazed that from time to time ,I write something that I really like and hope that you do too. I know that I write about a lot of the same stuff , temples , flowers, our house, my sweet wife Ciejay, and hammock time and every once in a while I might throw a little something in about our village and friends.Just remember that "I'm Retired In Thailand and Loving It", and my goal everyday is to do as little as possible and still consider myself a part of the human race.

I don't have a great imagination like Martyn, I'm not as up on current events as Mike , and I can't for the life of me see the wonderful detail and importance of small and large things, around us everyday, like Talen , and I don't think I could keep up with all the energy and work put out by that ball of fire ,Ben, and I'll never be able to enjoy bike rides like MJ, and my thumb will never be as green Martin's, and I could never put up with all those kids in school like Bunty, and of course I'll never be as cute as Jade or as laid back as the Bangkok Buddy,and for sure I'll never have a best seller novel like Andrew ,or write about the weather on a small island day after day like Camille, or chase balls around a field all day like Sevenwinds and call it fun,
or as elusive as anonymous ,I'm just me Malcolm , sometimes called" The Ole Fart "by my sweet wife Ciejay, But I do love blogging and this year has been one of the highlights of my life ,thanks to all of you .

All of you are special in your own way, with words, and have made blogging a pleasure for me and the other folks that read your great post and hopefully , they'll stop by and take a peek at my small contribution to the wonderful world called Blogging. Malcolm


MJ Klein said...

Malcolm, congratulations on a year of blogging! what i like about blogging is that thru a person's blog i get to share their experiences, and very often it's something that i wouldn't or couldn't do myself. so in the spirit of blogging, i'll keep on riding so you can share in the experience too. here's looking forward to the next year's articles.

Brunty said...

Keep that two finger tapping going my friend, love what you write as it is real, it is about the real Thailand and about a couple of great people loving life, enjoying life.

It is pretty easy putting up with 30 kids in a classroom, I carry a huge stick, a stern face and at times I have to raise my voice :)

Thanks for the great reading in the past and look forward to more in the future.

Anonymous said...

You've been blank for days M ! lol Glad to see a new picture and another awesome posting ! Happy 1yr mark !

Anonymous said...

no one can be as "laid back as the Bangkok Buddy" - truer words have never been spoken. 55

Mike said...

Like you I enjoy browsing the local blogs every morning. I like the different perspectives it puts on life here.
So I enjoy reading about your take on life and look forward to more of the same into 2010.

Talen said...

Malcolm, Never stop writing about temples, flowers or the great life you have in Thailand. That's what makes this blog special.

Before you know it you will have two years blogging and many more readers.

Grats on 1 year and I can't wait to read more in your second.

Martyn said...

Malcolm for one crazy moment when I looked at the top photo I thought the young one had sent you a picture of me on the computer in the reception area of our Udon Thani hotel. A second glance and I realised that I don't dress that smart.

Congratulations on one year of blogging and congrats to Ciejay as well because I know she's a great inspiration and help to both you and Retired in Thailand and Loving It.

Your short summary of our other fellow bloggers is spot on, at least for the ones that I read which is most. Myself...imagination...thanks, but that probably comes from living in a country that as much as I like it I really don't want to be in it. Frustration and boredom is the food stuff of imagination.

As far as yourself goes then I think the word PASSION sums you and your blogging best. I think you would find that readers get sucked into your posts and blown out at the end. Passion is a real life quality, imagination just a state of the mind. Best wishes from England.

Sevenwinds said...

Keep those words flowing, and thanks for sharing your wit and charm with us. BTW, I like all those temple stories and plants stories too!

Siam.Rick said...

Darn, Malcolm, I missed your 1-year blogging party! Happy Blogday!

You wrote:
"I know that I write about a lot of the same stuff , temples , flowers, our house, my sweet wife Ciejay, and hammock time and every once in a while I might throw a little something in about our village and friends."

That's the stuff I love, Malcolm, and Talen said it, too. Don't stop or I'm going to have to go to Kanchanaburi and kick your butt. ;-)

Apparently most bloggers don't make it past two months. So I say one year is a good sign that you'll be doing this till the cows come home, as we say in the country.

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.