Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yesterday was a fun day , I meet up with my new friend Jerry and we had talked about taking him up to the Burma border , and also to the Bamboo School near there, well it was a beautiful day and a good time to do it . We stopped by the rice shop to pick up a bag of rice for the kids , Kat feeds them brown rice so I have to order it a few days in advance , the first time Ciejay and I bought the rice 3 years ago ( we try to buy every month ) it was 900 baht a 49 kilo bag and now it's 1500 Baht for the same , but the kids have to eat , and it's our little help for Kat and kids . then off to the school and a visit to the clinic and school and a trip to the lake property that a lady gave Kat on a beautiful lake and on a hillside , Kat was digging footings for poles for the new building they are constructing , the age difference in the kids at the school make it difficult to teach them, all about life and living with the ages being so different soooo Kat is going to move all the younger kids 12 and under to the new place on the lake (I ask if I could stay too ), where they can be little kids and be treated as such . they have plenty of land and will plant all manner of fruit trees there and will grow as much food for the Bamboo School as possible ( ). A lady from Norway came to visit and donated enough money to buy all the plastic pipe and pump and storage tank to take the water out of the lake during rainy season and use it during the dry season to irrigate the gardens . Kat is ,as I have said before the most unbeliveable person I have ever meet and while we were visiting tears of admiration swelled up in my eyes for Kat and the work she does from her heart, you would have to see to believe, she goes to bed at 2 and gets up at 5:30 7 days a week and never takes a day off , and she has been doing this for years , the only time she stopped for a while was when she was digging a hole to put a water trap in , she slipped and fell in and broke her leg and ankle in 4 places and had to stay in bed for a couple days and then was up working as usual every day THATS KAT . I notice my friend Jerry had red eyes also and like me he said a visit to the school gives you a whole new outlook on life and the important things of just day to day living and how just a little love and help can go a long way to make these forgotten and disabled kids life a little better , every little bit helps .Kat told me yesterday , which I didn't know before that you can feed a child at the school for 8,000 baht a year ,thats 250 dollars US money, WOW!!!!!!! can we get a few takers ???? contact me or go directly to Kat at the web site Needless to say we had a great day and took in the sights along the way , if you get chance come on over to Wang Pho and I'll take you up to see Kat and the kids at the Bamboo School , it will change your life , I promise.
Now I know that many of you help out all over the world and many do a lot more than I could ever hope to do , this is my small way of giving back and if you can and are able to do it " give back somewhere ". THANKS. Malcolm

I am as always " Retired In Thailand and Loving It"


Mike said...

Malcolm having just sat on the veranda enjoying a beer I now feel a bit guilty having read your post.

Clearly you have taken Kat and the kids to heart.

Good to visit and I am sure they appreciated your gift.

Anonymous said...

random acts of kindness all over the earth

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Mike , never meant to make anyone feel guilty , we all do as I know you do what we can to help out when we see a genuine need, I know that you do a lot for MTF's family and you have taken the little girl under your loving and kind wings , so there "feel good ". I only blog about the Bamboo school and Kat once in a while , she never seeks any praise so I blow her horn for her and let everyone know what a difference one such person can make , take care and drink one for me .

Yes Anonymous , random acts of kindness can change a life and the world . thanks

martyn said...

Malcolm the photos are fantastic and testament to all the hard work Kat puts in.

'...she goes to bed at 2 and gets up at 5:30 7 days a week and never takes a day off , and she has been doing this for years...'

That's incredible and only two days off her feet after suffering a broken leg. Thailand should give her a medal for devotion to her cause.

Nice to see you knocking around with your new buddy. I bet that's like a breath of fresh air to you.

SiamRick said...

Thanks for the update Malcolm. I enjoy reading your reports on Kat's activities to support the kids. I'm sure every child has a story that would make one shed a tear. I hope that when I finally make the move to Thailand, probably late this summer now, I can do as you have done and help in some small way in whatever community I move to.

Mike, as Malcolm said, you have graciously helped raise Doy so you really should feel pleased, not guilty about anything.

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

Catherine said...

Malcolm, what an inspiring post. I believe I would like to come over sometime and meet Kat.

In the meantime, I'll arrange to send people her way too.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Catherine , if you make it over this away give me a call or drop a e-mail and I would be glad to take you up and introduce you , if you would like , she's a great gal and you'll love her and be amazed as I am to see up close and personal all the thigs she does on a daily bases, Malcolm