Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Of course this is Thailand and when you are driving down the road sight-seeing you just never know whats up ahead and around the next curve in the road, this was such a time . Ciejay and me were out on a day trip to scout out a couple new resorts in the area for her wine business, we were talking and looking at the mountains on each side of the road when all of a sudden there they were ,it was a elephant crossing and NO sign to give warning , lucky I was not driving to fast and we stopped and waved at the folks enjoying themselves on their elephant trek and me murmuring under my breath words that could not and should not be spoken out loud and especially in the company of a lady.And so I settled down and enjoyed the surprise and unexpected Elephant sighting that we were treated to on our day trip , I even snapped a couple of photos to post , and for I hope your enjoyment. Malcolm
As for Ciejay and me we are still RETIRED IN THAILAND AND LOVING IT

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed thoroughly M.

That picture with you on the elephant waving in your top banner, is surely one for the memory books.