Monday, March 29, 2010


Remember ,last year our City Hall or Tessabon took 100 folks to Pattaya , well this year we are going to Pukett and taking 150 folks, and we will be making several stops along the way to visit other Tessabons and talk with their city leaders about things that they have done to improve the quality of life and the economy and safety in their villages and small towns, and any other things that they have done that we might bring back to our village of Whang Pho to improve and beautify out village . We got lots of good ideas last year and our city leaders went right to work implimenting many of them . Two huge projects was the health park and paved walking (oval) track , and the huge parking lot and modern rest facilities for the tourist, that come to visit the famous Death Railroad and the old Viaduct, and the many other places of interest that uses Whang Pho as a jumping off place , Lots of tours bring folks here from Bangkok for lunch and they come to take a ride on the elephants at the Sai Yok Elephant village , and they needed a good place to park the huge doubledecker buses, while their folks enjoyed themselves. A lot of tour companies from Bangkok, bring bus loads of folks to Kanchanaburi to see and walk across, the famous Bridge On The River Kwai , and , then to the Tiger Temple and come into Whang Pho at 4 o'clock pm and catch the train for a country ride back to Bangkok. These two projects alone have made a difference in the economy and the health and well being of our village.Sooo we will see what good ideas we can bring back this year , I am all for some changes , BUT , I hope that they will keep the small old village look.
I plan on taking lots of pictures and they give us a half day off to do our own thing also if there is something special the villages that we visit are known for , they usually take us to see . Should have lots to blog about when we get back .

The pictures are of our take off last year will be just the same this year, except two more buses.I am bringing my Elvis Karoke CD with me so I can join in with the singing this year , The King will be in the House . Malcolm


Anonymous said...

Nice M ! Pls share your photos of meeting the Tessabon folks along the way and eventually of beautiful Phuket. Safe journey.

Talen said...

Malcolm...Take lots of pictures and we definitely want video of you singing Karaoke!

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Talen----THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH . I can hear Elvis saying that even now ha ha Malcolm

Jamie Monk said...

Hope you enjoy Phuket :)

martyn said...

Phuket, you're stretching your pensions strings a bit tight with this one. Isn't it rather expensive there. I've shelved my May plans for a trip to Hua Hin for a four night stay in the cheaper resort of Pattaya. The Thai baht is biting a bit hard at the moment.

I'm currently doing a keyword search with the words...Elvis...alive....Phuket.

Nothing is showing up yet so could you sing a bit louder.

Have fun in the sun you lucky twosome.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing photos of the trip