Saturday, March 20, 2010


With the warm (or should I say HOT) weather we have this time of the year and with the once in a blue moon rain shower , all the seasonal flowers and blubs have started to bloom and the orchids are putting on new flowers that will last for at least a month , (I have had some to last 2 mths). the jackfruit treee is loaded and the mangos are close to picking time . Actually a lot of folks have already been picking mangos to eat as the Thai's love to eat them green with sugar and pepper mixed , not bad , but, I like my mangos ripe, a golden yellow and deep orange color for the fruit and served with a scoop of stick rice and a lots of sweet coconut milk poured over the top (IT'S TO KILL FOR ) have you ever had it that way??? whats your favorite way to eat mangos?
Ciejay has been busy as usual with , spring cleaning (she spring cleans every week ) and potting and planting a lot of new varity and color of flowers and plants and I can already in my minds eye see all the new colors that will be added to the yard and porchs.

Ciejay does not like any house plants inside soooo we have lots of the sitting all around the house ,(I love it) . hope all is well with you and if you love gardening and plants and flowers as much as we do now is the time to start getting them pots ready for new ones , the market had a lot of them this week and I'm sure whereever you are the same is true. Take care and plant a tree for the future. Malcolm


Anonymous said...

yep. spring planting here in USA too.

nice flowers M.

Mike said...

Great flowers and yes I enjoy a ripe mango and sticky rice.

My orchids seem a bit slow this year but other flowers doing well.

We have a lot of aromatic plants that seem to be doing well despite the virtual drought.

martyn said...

Malcolm just like yourself and Ciejay, young Wilai will be in her element now with the flowers starting to bloom. For myself and my next trip it means sitting in the garden with a nice colourful view and the occasional flower watering duties to perform. I'm looking forward to that.

Camille said...

Lovely to see Thailand in full blossoming, our garden is cracking as well.

Thanks for the nice pix Malcolm.

Talen said...

Beautiful pictures Malcolm...I especially like the top yellow flowers...what are they?

I so miss the green mango's and that picture reminded me just how good they are. My girl and her family eat them with salt which seems odd at first but quite tasty with the very crunchy green mango.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Talen, It's a little orchid that is under the mango tree and blooms twice a year will find out and let you know . I have started to like green mango too. Thanks for the read and comment . Malcolm