Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My friend Jerry bought a new to him pick-up , on his try it out trip , he went past Erawan Water Fall to the dam and across a lake to a little cove , Soooo this week was time to take Me his friend on a fishing trip to see if this was indeed a great fishing spot. We left at 7 am and drove to Kanchanaburi, turned left and headed toward the falls, pass the falls we came to a road that goes on the other side of Srinakharin dam and lake and made our way about 25 kl. to a little turn off that took us down to this little cove . The road looked more like a trail and would have been a good place to go 4 wheeling , but Jerry being the expert driver that he is, he manuvered that pick-up this way and that way and what do you know, we were there at one of the most beautiful picnic, camping , and hopefully fishing spot I have seen in a long time.We made a lean-to for protection from the sun and put down mats for the girls to sit under the shade (both Thais) and talk a lot and fix the lunch from all the food we had brought , you would have thought we were going to stay a week ha ha , while the men folk fished . The weather was great for the first half of the day , Butttt then the wind really started to blow and almost blew our shelter away , we tryed to wait it out , but it was a big blow and rain was in the clouds coming in fast. We packed up and said our good-byes to the fishing place (no fish ), but promised to return another day to give it another try with maybe a little different bait . All in all we had a great time , and if we were there only for a picnic , we could'nt have found a prettier place and hopefully next time we'll land a big fish or two. When you take a good look at the pictures you'll see another reason why I'm Retired in Thailand and Loving It. Malcolm


Anonymous said...

nice to spend quiet times with friends.

Mike said...

Malcolm, I quite like fishing but have not tried it here. While I was travelling last weekend we saw huge fish(catfish?)in the river.

Real road benders!! Better luck next time.

BTW still no rain here and its scorching.

Anonymous said...

good day: What kinds of fish you are you after after? Muskellunge season starts here in Ontario. That is what I'm after this weekend.

Anonymous said...

M, good thing you live far away from all those disruptive protests. your pictures look so so peaceful. The true Thailand only rural people get to see.