Monday, May 3, 2010


The famous Thailand Binder or Tie-----------------THE RUBBER BAND
Take Away and bring home

Red Curry Pla(fish)--Red Curry Guy (chicken)-- Tai Palo (boiled egg with pork and to-fu )-- Coke Zero---butter rolls--and fresh boiled white corn on the cob

Seems like a lot of my post have to do with food lately , well can I help it that food is one of the favorite things I love about Thailand , and the experts say that the color Red makes you hungry , soooo with all the Red Shirts on T.V. and the Net , I seem to stay hungry all the time . I'm going to miss them when they go, then we will be back to the colors yellow , blue, and pink , and they say these colors make us feel full , maybe that will help this ever expanding waist line of mine , ha ha .
Not only are there little restaurants on ever corner , in our village (and most villages in Thailand) they all have take away as they call it here in the LOS. Whatever you order from the menu they will put in a plastic bag and tie, with a hundred tight twist of a rubber band, and a knot that I have yet figured out how to untie , sooo I end up cutting it with my knife and sometimes makeing a mess of things in doing so . Do you hate the rubber band ties as much as I do?, and every where you look around the kitchen there are rubber bands .

But, take away is very convenient, when it's to hot to cook at home (or to lazy) and to hot to eat outside (or to many bugs) , and it's sooo easy to say "take away ".

I did just that the other day for dinner and was able to buy enough food and drink, for Ciejay and Me for less that 100 baht , now you can't beat a deal like that and a few of the little food tables will even have their kids deliver it to your house on their Honda's or bikes . I love it and thats why I'm "Retired in Thailand and Loving It". Malcolm
What do Safeway, Walgreens, and Costco have in common? The obvious answer is that they are all large operated American supermarkets. But do you think it’s any coincidence that these three grocery stores – along with others like Winn-Dixie, Wawa, Giant, and Supervalu – all use red in their logo?
A color psychologist would tell you that this is no surprise: red is the color that makes people hungry. Red instantly attracts attention and it also makes people excited, energetic, and increases the heart rate.
In the fast-food industry, look no further than McDonalds, Wendy’s, or Burger King as prime examples of this. These massive companies all have a large amount of red in their branding as well, which subconsciously lets customers know that the chain is high-energy, bustling, and most importantly fast.
Red seems to have color dominance with regards to actual food products, as well. If red foods such as tomatoes, strawberries, and apples aren’t a natural part of the product, often times red packaging is used instead, such as with Coke, Skittles, and Campbell’s Soup. Mmm… maybe you’re hungry now?


Mike said...

Malcolm now that looks a healthy meal!!

I hate the rubber bands cos like you I end up having to cut the bags.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the color red makes you hungry. Google pictures of Disney. In every one of their theme parks from Paris to Hong Kong. You will notice that in most of the areas the color red is present on the ground either in a light shade of red, or reddish color bricks. This serves two purposes 1)as you said it makes you hungry and 2)it makes the blue in the color of the sky pop out. So, when you get home and show your vacation pictures to your friends. The skys are perfect and it looks like a perfect place to take a vacation. If you do some serious research you will find that certin colors can influence our moods and perceived levels of energy.

Anonymous said...

u playing that color psycho trick on us readers Malcolm ?! good thing I just ate. 55

Anonymous said...

discovered your son RB's blog M. good stuff.

Talen said...

You are killing me Malcolm, although I'll be in Thailand soon enough I really miss my Thai take out.

and oh that looks so delicious...I too often have problems with the rubber bands but it's a small price to pay for heaven in a small plastic bag.

My first stop in Thailand will be Pookie's but you can bet that the market will be the next place I go.

Unknown said...

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