Friday, August 7, 2009


The Banner and Garden in our Village of Whang Pho to honour our Queen

The picture of our King and Queen that hangs above our bedroom door

My Wife Chamaiporn Jupia Burgess (Toon) and Mother of NU and TOM

My Mother Emma Faye Burgess (Em)

My Mother -in Law Kasorn Jupia (Sorn)

This week-in and ,the first of next week, is the celebration of Mother's Day in Thailand (August 12th) ,and also the 76th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Regent Sirkit. Our little village of Whang Pho is all decorated with pictures of her and with her blue, flags flying every where and folks are selling all kind of beautiful, hand made flower arangments, to be given to Mother's on their special day of the year. It is also a National Holiday in the LOS and all Government offices and Banks , and many local business's will be closed to honour both The Queen and Mothers all over Thailand . We here in the Burgess household also want to say LONG LIVE THE QUEEN and we bless and say a prayer for health and happiness to all Mothers in Thailand ---------------HAPPY MOTHERS DAY---------------Malcolm and Ciejay


Martyn said...

Malcolm - Her Majesty Queen Regent Sirkit's Birthday and Thai Mothers Day just happen to fall the day after my own birthday so it is a date and big Thai celebration that I never forget. The 12th is also the first birthday of Beyond The Mango Juice and so it will be celebrations all round for myself and young Wilai albeit 6000 miles apart.

Mothers Day is a big commercial event in the western world but one of the few celebratory days that is worthwhile and a very special day for mother and child. I don't know much at all about Mothers Day Thai style but I do hope all the children no matter what age find time to make a present or the luckier ones buy one for the special woman and loved one in their lives. A big happy birthday greeting to Her Majesty the Queen and I hope yourself and especially Ciejay have a wonderful day.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Martyn, well happy b-day to you and your blog also , we are having guest for dinner tonight and we will drink a toast to you and Beyond The Mango (one of my Favorite reads.) and I am glad to be able to Celebrate Mothers Day for my sweet wife Ciejay ,She doesn't know it ,but her daughter from Nakon Sawan is coming for a surprise visit and bring Nicky Boy ,our Thai Grand-son , will be a very Happy Mothers Day . Malcolm

Talen said...

Malcolm, I can't wait for my first mothers day in Thailand. Being the close family sort that Thais are I'm sure it's a joy to behold.

Great picture of your mother...It's nice to have a day to remember our mothers as well even in a foreign land.

Unknown said...

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