Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have always been amazed at the talent and the creative of the Thai people , almost all I know or have meet seems to have the ability to express themselves in some form of medium, and most seem to have great talent as artist. I love Thai art and especially the ones of Elephants, Buffalo , and my favorite landscapes . Well I guess that about covers all Thai Art . How about you do you like and do you have any Thai Art hanging on the walls of your homes that you personally picked out ?

Kmowing my love for the Thai Art (not the expenisive ones) mostly folk art, a friend of mine found two paintings at an, old closed, resort in a broken down storage room and ask if she could buy them for me and the owner said I could have them ,I LOVE THEM and was told by the resort owner that the man who painted them lived in Chang Mai and was 94 when he painted them (probably dead by now) as she had them for a few years and I know they have been in that store room for 5 years . I would like to know a little something about the painter and have 2 pictures of the art and a close up of his signature, anyone out there that knows anything , I would love to hear from you . Malcolm


Brunty said...

Malcom there are some very blessed Thai artists that sell their works at the local markets here in Ubon Ratchathani, and I am always bewildered at how cheap they sell them for.

I am a terrible drawer, I cannot draw to save myself. I have always envied people who could as it is such a great way to express yourself.

I don't have any Thai art hanging at home, I have sent plenty back to Australia.

I used to sell some local art online but don't do this much at the moment because of the low exchange rates.

I will have to start hunting again in the near future as I actually enjoy doing this and also have people who bought from me asking for more work.

Mike said...

Malcolm nice paintings, I don't see much art here (paintings) but I agree that Thais are quite talented at making things in general.

MTF is a whiz at embroidery and our house is full of her work, which makes me think I should take some photographs of it and do a post.

I wonder if Pete (Frogblog) can help you with the Chiang Mai artist since he has his finger on the pulse up there.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Brunty, I have thought of doing a little selling of some art around the river kwai there are really hundreds of artist painting the bridge and elephants and like you I am amazed how cheap,me I ca't draw a straight line . thanks for the read . Malcolm

Mike ,I think we would all love to see MTF's embroidery , give it a go.Thanks for the suggestion concerning Peter up nothe , I did just that and am waiting for a reply , thanks for stopping by . HELP !!!! how and what gadget do I put on the side to get a count of folks visiting my sight ? can you help??? Malcolm

Martyn said...

Malcolm Thai artists are up there amongst the very best and price wise offer some top value. On my only ever trip to Hua Hin I was amazed by the wealth of art shops the resort had around the waterfront and nearby streets. I bought a beautiful painting of Bangkok's Floating Market and at the night market I purchased a real gem of art for our village house. It was a carved wooden picture of a Buddha face and is now proudly hanging on our living room wall.

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MJ Klein said...

Malcolm, check out for widgets you can embed in your blog to count your visitors.