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I have never taken the time to post on the many resorts that Ciejay and I get to visit on a monthly bases, as a result of Ciejay's wine business ,as a dealer for Hanuman Winery. I'll start with one of our great customers and a really beautiful resort right on the River , the YOKO RIVER KWAI RESORT AND SPA. There's no need to call a cab or, have a tour guide ,take you to the River , all you have to do is step out of your room or bungaloo and there you are . The Resort is located on the banks of the famous River Kwai and there is a great selection of rooms and floating raft rooms , and the clay village , and the dinasour park where it looks like a trip back in time . The Yoko also has a great restaurant and lounge ,overlooking the River Kwai, and a karoke stage for your entertainment, they also have a huge Seminar and meeting room in case you want to have a business meeting along with you vacation time .The selection of rooms is up to you and your families, needs ,as there is lots of area for the whole family ,they have European style Bangalows ,Traditional Thai houses, floating bangalows on rafts and the all new Clay village ,( like living in caves in prehistoric times) you will have to see this for yourself, they are in a central location and can provide transportation, for a visit to many attractions in the local area , such as , the famous Death Railroad Viaduct, elephants treks, thru the jungle , Sai Noi Waterfalls , and a very famous old ancient village and temple ruins,they can also arrange , float trips and swimming in the River Kwai.they have transportation to and from the Train Station at our village of Whang Pho and while at the resort they provide tricycle service , and for short trips to our village and you can take a ride in their very own Tuk Tuk. They have a wonderful Organic fruit and veggie garden to grow their own produce and you can be assured of a fresh and healthy meal when you dine in the huge ,but quaint, Kobori Restaurant, (or you can take a short trip to our little village and enjoy ,lunch or dinner from lots of vendors selling their home cooked food to eat there or take back to your room ) where you will recieve some of the best service you'll find anywhere , a great staff and very importantly, there is a on site manager and security force, to make sure you stay is the best ever, and something very important to all of us "safety."And did I mention that the Resort is FAMILY FRIENDLY. Opps, I almost forgot , all the toilets are western style for your enjoyment and pleasure.Hot water too.
You can call for more information at 034-591-414-5 or fax at 034-591-410 or visit them on there web site at .

This is a none paid for post and I recieved nothing in return for this post , it is just for your information and reading and viewing of the pictures ,in case you ever get around our area of the country and need a great place to stay. you can always call me if you need help too. Malcolm and Ciejay


Mike Rose said...

Hi Malcolm, sounds and looks delightful.

Martyn said...

Malcolm the Yoko Resort sounds ideal location wise and the rooms leave you spoilt for choice. I checked out the link but it was in Thai so I will have to get WW to have a view.

Tipper said...

Looks like an amazing place to visit-love the photo of you under the dinasour.

Anonymous said...

cool blog! I love it!

Anonymous said...

just got back from Yoko, and yes its a great resort, we stopped in all the different syles of room however the cave and clay rooms do have many many bugs in them. Also the restaurant in the hotel caters for Thais only if you want western food tough luck. The restaurant was the biggest let down of the place, and if you dont have a car, forget it.

The closest town maybe 20 minutes walk but its a small square with a few tiny tiny shops in it and other than that... nothing around it but trees, grass, and the river... There is a railway right past the enterance, however the trains run at very odd times making going to Kanchanaburi impossible on them.

it takes by car 45 minutes to get to the centre, a lovely easy drive but still gives you an idea just how far away from everything Yoko is.