Friday, April 17, 2009

HAVING FUN the second time around

I'm hot too Keep the bucket full there's more people coming

Everyone is really enjoying themselves

If you don't like getting wet this is no place for you today

Think I'll just sit here and cool off a while and chill out

Here I am , the ole stuck in the Mud, I actually enjoyed it this time

Everyone gets in on the fun ,riding on the three wheelers too

My guns bigger than your's It really is a family affair

This cowgirl normally sits quitely behind the table in our local market , and now she's the leader of the pack. ha ha

Well Songran only comes once a year ,so what the heck , lay aside my Ole Stuck in the Mudism and join in the fun as Martin encourged me to do . I took his advise and rode full force right to the gang of folks gathered in and around our town square, it did'nt take long till they spied the old farang, and I was smiling this tme ,a sure sign that I was ready for a water fight. WELL QUICKER than you could bat a eye there was a swarm of them headed my way and I just prepared myself for a good soaking , and I got one too. All in all it was fun and I as they say "let my hair down " and joined in and had a great time , It was something to write home about .Now from a ole mudder I encourge you to join in with the locals and have yourself a jolly good time . No one was harmed and no animals were abused in the posting of this read HA HA HA . Malcolm
I am trying to include a small video I took and don't know how it will turn out , if it doesn't at least I tryed and maybe someone can show me how next time , it's really taking a long time so I don't know whats happening.


Martyn said...

I viewed the video and on hearing the music with the women screaming and shouting I thought the camera was going to zoom in on you doing your Elvis impression.

I have got to say how much better your complexion looks now that you have washed the mud off it and wasn't it a pleasure doing it.

I've got a feeling the "Kanchanaburi Kids" are gonna mount up and come gunning for Elvis and "The Mole" this time next year.

Lovely post Malcolm.

Camille said...

Glad you liked it the second coming and enjoyed it. It can be a pian but it can also be very enjoyable!

Good on you!

Brunty said...

Malcom, good to see and hear you had some fun. I will watch the videa when I have some more time.

I have to cut and edit about 50 minutes of video together and it takes a little bit of time to do.

Hope to have it finished next week.

Thanks for sharing Malcom

Mike said...

Malcolm nice one, the movie works fine. Looks like you enjoyed yourself!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Good for you Malcolm, when in Rome. Imagine what lack of fun you would have missed not joining. the British disease (not to sure about American) is moaning about everything all the time when there are far more contructive things to do like make the most our of situations like you have done. I take my hat off to you.

Happy Easter from Bulgaria. It's Easter Sunday today having just got back from the village after two days. (Without my laptop I might add as I cycled there.