Sunday, April 26, 2009


  • Well it's my favorite time of the year , the mangos ARE ripe and I can eat them three times a day and for snacks inbetween, I always loved mangos, even in the USA , but there are so many varities in Thailand , that you can eat and enjoy till your hearts content . Ciejay says I eat to many and I need to be careful about my sugga, but what the heck, I wait all year for the trees to bud, then ,flower, and then those little tiny mangos that seem to take forever to get ripe ,and then all of a sudden you look and one has fallen to the ground ,a sure sign that it's ripe and you look up and you see hints if yellow and gold on the once hard green skin , now I'm in heaven. I tell her thats why I take all those herbs she forever making me take , like it or not , just so I can indulge ,and over do IT once in a while ,ha ha .

    The locals always have lots of company from BKK and other cities , all the relatives come for a few Tesco bags full of Aunt's good ,oklong and mong dok mai, mango's . My neighbors here sell to strangers pulling up in their Red tags. They set the mangos , ripe and green, on a table in front of their house , for 5 or 10 baht per kilo , in BKK they sell them for 35 to 40 baht per kilo and these are tree rippened and they can even pick some green ones too ,a favorite for eating with chiles and sugga, to and besides there is nothing better than home grown and fresh mangos from Aunt or Grandma's tree.

    Then before they get ripe we have folks coming from BKK and they come with the whole family and want to buy all they can load in a pick-up to take back to the big city and sell for a profit or to the factorys to make pickled mangos , my neighbors sell to them this year for 2 1/2 baht per kilo and they pick for themselves. Lots of takers too , it seems that everyone waits for this time of the year JUST LIKE ME .

    And just when it's you think it's all over for the year , the locals , start to make another one of my favorite snacks ,mango fruit roll -ups or as we call them in the USA fruit leather, all the neighbors and locals come around with baskets to pick up the ripe and over ripe mangos that have fallen on the ground , they peel them and put in a pot and add nothing , all natural and boil them till it is a real thick almost jam like liquid and then spoon it on to saran wrap (modern) or banana leaf (old way ) and set in the sun to dry for a couple days till it turns hard like leather , during this time the bees will cover it and get some sugar for their hives , nothing to harm the fruit , bees are very sanitary , not like the flys. when it is done they will peel the little circles off and put in plastic bags sometimes they will roll them up thus called fruit roll-ups , to sell or to give to friends and family , it will last all year and it is so good for a snack.. The pictures are of a friend of mine who makes it to sell, his Mom and Aunt help him and they share the money .And we all get to share in the FRUIT of their labor .

    Hope you enjoy this post about mango time ,and if you want to try this favorite snack of mine , come on over to our house , I have lots to last me till next year , I HOPE. Malcolm

    Like I aways say "not a thesis" , just a post for fun and info if you want to know more , I'm sure there is lots of information on the WWW , but I just look around our village and ask question and then try in my limited ability and knowledge to pass it on to you my friends and readers , hope you enjoy.

    Do they make fruit roll-ups from any local fruits in your area , we use to make strawberry , and apricot roll-ups, when me and Ciejay were in America. What about you ??


Mike said...

Malcolm I love ripe mango, I haven't yet developed the Thai taste for green ones.

I have been stacked out the last couple of weeks with the neighbours dropping off a few!

I like the idea of the fruit wrap-must look out for some of those.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Malcolm and CieJay,

Mangoes are one of my favourite fruits, but so, so expesive to buy so we dont' get them. Beside the cost they never taste the same as eaten in their homelands. I remember eating the finest Mangoes in Sri Lanka somehow transporting unriped crops aborad doesn't work.

You are very lucky to have a big stock to dip into. Happy Days.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Mike , ripe is my fav too I can eat green ,but only a little as it like eating green apples when I was a kid , gives me a stomach ache. Let me know if you find mango roll-ups or not , I can send you some .
Martin , I wish we could ship some to you , but I tried to send fruit Roll-up that Ciejay had made and they opened them and sent them back to us ay the Bkk post. they said was prohibited to send fruit in the mail to other countries.. They must have had a sniffer dog or sniffer Thai to have found it . , We use to get shipped in mangos from south america that had been gased, and it is just not the same , I remember one time in safeway grocery they were asking .99 cents for one mango , I stopped eating them that winter .
Thanks for the read guys . Malcolm

Hoo Don said...

Mangoes I can hardly pass by without dropping a comment. The fruit roll up sounds right up my street and once I hit Thailand I'm going to get Wilai on the case. I hope they are as good as you describe them. I don't eat much fruit but Wilai does normally force a few slices of mango down me during my holiday, this time I must try and eat more.

john said...

my wife would love them the fresh food in Thailand is just great
organic is much better for sure
i bet your wife is very popular with her friends

Anonymous said...
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