Friday, April 3, 2009

When is a Orchid more than a Orchid

When it becomes a home.What a surprise yesterday morning when I was giving my orchids a drink of cool water before the hot day , flutter, I saw a little winged thing fly from under the gazibo ,where I have a few of my favorites hanging .I took a close look and there in the top of one of my orchids was a little bird nest, I got the ladder so I could get a closer look and peered inside to find these three little red eggs,I ran and got my camera to get a shot of them and hid behind some bushes near,in hopes of getting a shot of the mama bird, I did'nt have to wait to long because she was there looking to make sure all was ok with her babies to be , and hopped right in to keep them cool from the hot sun,that was surely on it's way . I'm so glad I saw her fly before I sprayed everything real good as is my normal habit. We have had birds build nest around our yard in the trees , but this is a first for me , to have a nest so up close and personal, and two of my favorite things in life together as one.I do so love all my little visitors to the back yard bird bath and for the little show they put on just for me every day ,and now I get to enjoy the beginning of life and growing up for a few weeks before they fly off into the Wild Blue Yonder . Malcolm


Mike said...

Malcolm very nice. What species of bird is it?

I have tried the hanging nests in my garden to attract small birds but without success so far.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Malcolm and CieJay

Looks slike you are the caretaker of a new family Malcolm. Like you say it is a privelage to get so close with something like this. Enjoy the moments as yo say again, they will fly away before too long.

Perhaps some updates in the pipeline for this?

Brunty said...

Malcom, nature is a wonderful thing. Little surprises like this make your day.

A while back we had driven out of our house and about 1klm down teh road when I noticed a frog on teh bonnet of the car. I pulled over and put him in a plastic cup I had in the car.

After returning home I placed him in a tree in the garden. I have since seen him 3 or 4 times. Two more times on the car again and also in the tree.

Hopefully the bird will be a return visitor and lay more eggs.

Good pictures my friend.

Talen said...

Nature seems to be moving in with you...Maybe it's just me but I tend to take notice of scenes like this more when I'm in Thailand than at home.

You must keep us updated with pics.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Mike , I went on line and looked at pictures and , I think for sure it is a common or oriental Magpie Robin very common around our village .
Martin , yes for sure I will do a update when they hatch and so on, thanks for the read
Brunty, we have a pair of Ka Pout birds as Ciejay calls them that have nested in the woods beside our place for the last three years and hang around all year long, they are as big as a chicken and look like a crow with brown wings and their call is POUT--POUT POUT POUT and you can hear it for a great distance will post a pic of them in my side pics soon.
Talen for sure will do a running update ,just like the swell job you are doing during your visit to the LOS.

Thanks for all the comments and glad you liked the real life adventure of Me and My Birds Malcolm

Martyn said...

What a lovely surprise for you and Ciejay, with an even better one due when the chicks arrive. Like Talen says, make sure you update us with some more photos. Now for a confession....
When I was a young lad me and my mate William used to go to a large wooded area with a small lake in our local town. Being fearless at that young age we used to climb the trees in search of birds nests and their eggs. Occasionally we would steal an egg or two and take them home in the hope of hatching the precious things. It never ever worked and I have always felt a little guilty about that, but boys will be boys. Enjoy your day with Ciejay.

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