Sunday, April 12, 2009


They think they are having fun, if so why is it that everyone I know bolts the door for a week and never leaves their house or a lot of folks just "get out of dodge"before all the water cowboys and cowgirls come to take over the town and reek havoic over all the local residents . I have watched in horror(before I bolted my doors ) as water was thrown on passing motorcycles loaded with kids and watched them wreck because of the force of 5 gallons of water being thrown at them from a moving pick-up . I was almost blinded my first year by the white power stuff they put in the water ,it burned my eyes so bad ,and the power if mixed very strong will ruin the paint on you truck or car, I have seen folks bowled over like a bowling pin ,hit so hard with the water and some of the water canons they are selling nowdays will put your eyes out if you are hit in the face. I just think that the Thai folks have pushed the envelope on this one and gone a little overboard to say the least . Let them have their FUN , I'll just get out of Dodge.
Maybe it is a custom from the past to bring ,luck and happiness, and propersity, for the new year, and I certainly wish them all that , and I think in the ole days they were not quite as crazy with the water .
Maybe I'm just a ole stuck in the MUD. Malcolm


Mike said...

Malcolm my sentiments completely. Unfortunately what is a really nice tradition has been hijacked by the idiot brigade.

Still thats up to the Thais its their country. Me I will be in my castle till the whole affair has past.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

HI Malcolm and CieJay, why should people have to lock themselves away from fear of being bombarded?

Surely the madness factor has only recently been the case. there must have been decade after decade of sensible celebration before now, where did it all go wrong? I know and you know, but sometimes it is too embarassing to say so we won't.

Take care and chins up chaps.

*lynne* said...

I only recently heard about this, I think on Mike's site a few weeks ago. Yeah, something that was probably a simple and fun tradition has devolved into what can be terms acts of gangsterism. Yikes! I would certainly stay indoors for as long as I could, if I were there!

Martyn said...

If you are an ole stick in the mud then there's plenty of water about to wash those thoughts away. I have been in Thailand twice for Songkran and enjoyed both occasions. The last time was up north in Wi's village and with not a water canon in sight it was all good clean fun. The problem is if you are travelling on a main road through cities, towns and villages where Thai's line the road waiting for their next victim, yes this practice is very dangerous. When the April temperature in the village was touching near 40 degrees a bucket of water over me was rather refreshing and of course being the only farang about I was the number one target. Great fun but I can see why some people don't like it. When in Rome talk Italian.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Maybe I was a little harsh and probably I am a old stuck in the mud , and sometimes I probably do miss some fun things in life .
So!!!!!! Martyn first thing tommorow I am going to the city square and seeing if I can find a cool bucket of water , And from the sounds coming in our window from the village I don't think I will have any trouble . And I just might like it.

I hope all of you have a great Songkran week and a very Happy Thai New Year malcolm and Ciejay

Brunty said...

Malcom it depends on areas I think. Here in Ubon Songkran is celebrated in good faith.

There are of course people who do go over the top but the majority are very good.

The powder is a pain in the ass if it gets in your eyes I agree.

The modernisation of the festival has gone overboard in ways and needs to be scaled back to more of the traditional roots.

I have spent 2 fun filled days so far here in Ubon and haven't experienced anything horrible.

Maybe a real Thai village celebration one year will be a good idea my friend.

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Brunty, Our great escape next year just might be up your way , don't be surprised if you see a grey haired ole fart, and a cute Thai lady pull up in front of your house . Malcolm
And I'm so glad you are having a good time really thats what life here in the LOS is all about.

MommaWannabe said...

They have something like this in the Philippines too but withouht white powder you've mentioned. I never have experienced this though...

Thanks for adding me - I have added you too in my blogroll.

Tipper said...

A very interesting tradition-I'm afraid I'd be a stick in the mud if I was there-I'd for sure stay inside :)